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Competition Team

The Lovato Competition Team is recognized world wide for their history making accomplishments. Every year the tight knit group of Lovato competitors train very hard as they enter the major competitions across the country and around the world. We are home to the second American (only two ever) to win the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championships as a Black Belt and the only American to win the European BJJ Open, Pan-American BJJ Championships, and Brazilian National BJJ Championships as a Black Belt.

Also, Team Lovato made history as the only American Jiu-Jitsu team to ever produce a World Champion Black Belt at the No-Gi World Championships. This was even more special as the team's head instructor, Rafael Lovato Jr., won his No-Gi World title on the same day. Team Lovato is also home to two Abu Dhabi Combat Club Submission Wrestling World Championship veterans. The ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championships is considered the Olympics of Submission Grapping. It is held ever two years and all the competitors are either invited or have won a trial event. It is limited to only 16 competitors per weight class and they come from all over the world. Rafael Lovato Jr. is a two time ADCC veteran and in 2009 Justin Rader joined him as they competed at ADCC Barcelona.

Other notable Team Lovato accomplishments include:

  • Grapplers Quest Top Ten Teams of the Decade (1999-2009)
  • 2009 Grapplers Quest World Series No-Gi Team Champions
  • 2010 Houston International BJJ Open 3rd Place Overall Team
  • 2010 Grapplers Quest Texas Team Champions
  • 2011 Houston International BJJ Open 3rd Place Overall Team
  • 2011 Dallas International BJJ Open 3rd Place Overall Team
  • Numerous Southwestern BJJ & Submission Wrestling Team Titles

Team Lovato has also joined forces with the Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu Team to help Gracie Humaita take a spot on the podium at the biggest BJJ tournaments in the World including:

  • 2006 Pan-American BJJ Championships Saulo Ribeiro 2nd place
  • 2008 World BJJ Championships - Gracie Humaita 2nd place
  • 2008 No-Gi World Championships Gracie Humaita 2nd place
  • 2009 Pan-American BJJ Championships Gracie Humaita 2nd place
  • 2010 Pan-American BJJ Championships Gracie Humaita 3rd place

Check out some of our Team's highlight videos!!

Team Members

Rafael Lovato Jr.

Heavyweight Division
2nd Degree Black Belt

Jermaine Brown

Featherweight Division
Blue Belt

Gabriel Campbell

Middleweight / Medium Heavyweight Division
Brown Belt

Jonathan Combs

Featherweight Division
Purple Belt

Trevor Cowan

Middleweight Division
Purple Belt

Robert Harper

Lightweight / Middleweight Division
Brown Belt

Justin Jacobs

Super Heavyweight Division
Brown Belt

Dallas Niles

Heavyweight / Super Heavyweight Division
Blue Belt

Dustin Phillips

Heavyweight Division
Purple Belt

Justin Rader

Lightweight / Featherweight Division
Black Belt

Shiloh Roberts

Medium Heavyweight Division
Purple Belt

Jesse Sunderman

Middleweight Division
Purple Belt

Chris Watson

Featherweight Division
Blue Belt

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Rafael Lovato Jr. came on the Jiu-Jitsu seen as a young strong competitor and a kid that was eager to learn BJJ. Rafael Lovato Jr.'s passion lead him to the birth place of BJJ, Brazil, where I was lucky to spend a lot of time training with him, but more importantly I got see how good he really was c... read more
Scott Nelson
President : On The Mat