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Learning new skills and trying out new techniques is challenging! But when you persevere in the face of a challenge, and come out on top, you realize you're stronger and more capable than you ever thought possible!

Realizing this makes you feel more confident. You feel more sure of your ability to handle whatever other challenges life throws your way too. Both kids and adults feel their self-esteem and confidence soar quickly!

Check out what Google users are saying about Lovato's School of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts

Joshua Rashad
- 2 months ago
Home of the World MiddleWeight Champion Bellator. Top level Brazilian Jiu Jitsu right here in Oklahoma City. This is the place to train.

Sam M
- a year ago
We took our kids here for a bit and overall we did enjoy it. It is a great pool of talent that really does a good job with the kids. I've thought about trying it myself but decided against it. Pros: world class skills, healthy amount of ages, genders and belt ranks, multiple instructors, engaging classes, pretty good scheduling. Cons: older location, questionable area, pricier than we prefer, a little variation on belts for young kids and even adults, not easy for parents to train with kids present, enrollment fees. The only thing I'd like to have experienced differently is having the instructors talking to me as a trial parent to discuss how my kids were doing. I did see them do that towards the end of our time with other parents but unfortunately we didn't get that opportunity.

Heather Kimbley
- 3 years ago
I've been to several MMA schools in the area, and none of them come even close to Lovato's. It is by far the best in the Oklahoma City area. The beginner classes are excellent. They do a great job of training new students, while still keeping the older ones entertained, and giving everyone a great workout. They also have a 30 day free trial which is amazing if you want to try out their classes and see if you like it. If you do, you'll definitely fall in love with this place. I know I did.

Crystal Ponnuchamy
- a week ago
I absolutely love this school! I appreciate the curriculum because I know exactly what is expected of me at each level. Chelley is so amazing, we instantly became friends. All of the coaches are very friendly and patient but I must brag on Coach Dylan and Professors Dallas. They are so supportive and kind. They really make you feel welcome and part of the family, which you definitely are if you join. I was not sure if I would be able to do BJJ as a mother of 3 but I just got my 3rd stripe and am actually down 20lbs since April (6weeks postpartum). It also goes without saying that it is an honor to train under the GOAT, professor Lovato!

Jaron McKnight
- 2 weeks ago
Just had the pleasure of meeting with Cheally, and I wish I lived in OKC to be able to attend. Really great place to build strength and character!